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EnviroCare Imports Retailer


Miracle WashTM


picture showing a laundry ball

This UNIQUE ball will change the way you feel about washing day. Throw a Miracle Wash laundry ball in your wash, turn your machine cycle on, and walk away.
This laundry ball leaves laundry clean, fresh, soft, and free of irritating dyes, chemicals, toxic softeners and detergents. A practical and environmental alternative to laundry detergent, this is a safe and gentle substitute for all, including babies and those with sensitive skin.

‘No more measuring, agitating, pouring or spilling laundry detergent.'

  •   Washing is less time consuming
  •   Costs less than detergent
  •   Contains no harsh Chemicals
  •   Lasts for over 60 washes
  •   Anti bacterial
  •   Hypo-Allergenic
  •   No more mess or measuring

Here's how it works: Each laundry ball contains small ceramic pellets that produce ionized oxygen to increase the wash water's pH level. This increase allows water molecules to penetrate deep into clothing's fibres to clean out dirt and grime without damage to the fabric. For stubborn stains, you will need to pre-treat, just as you would normally.

When the pellets inside shrink, it’s time to add the refill packet.

‘Feel good that you are helping the environment and your health.’


Street: Click here for street map

Town: Darkan click here to check route to town       State: WA pcode: 6392

Email :

Phone :1300669884


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