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Cycling for Sustainability is currently preparing for its forthcoming five-week bicycle tour, which will see 17 tour members pedal from Brisbane to Newcastle (15 November – 22 December 2008) visiting schools to engage youth and raise awareness about environmental sustainability and social justice issues.

by sydney indymedia - Wednesday, 29 October 2008

And if cycling over 1,000 kms without vehicle support isn't inspiring enough, the Otesha crew will astonish youth with their performance of Otesha's hilarious Morning of Choices play, which depicts a day in the life of two young individuals and the impact their daily choices have on poor old 'Mother Earth'. Targeting issues such as water, clothing, media, food and transport, the play challenges high school students to consider their life choices to ensure a positive future. Alongside the heatre performance, the Otesha crew will also present various slideshows and interactive workshops to examine some of these issues more closely.

Current consumption behaviours in Australia have far reaching consequences that are both unsustainable and inequitable. The negative impacts of these practices usually affect the most disempowered people in society, including young people who now ace an uncertain future. For Dan Carey – volunteer coordinator of Otesha's NSW tour – The Otesha Project is primarily about
empowering youth to be the change they want to see in the world: “Society these days doesn't always encourage creative hinking. We're encouraged to jump on the bandwagon of eating, working, sleeping, consuming, breeding and dying. Our ours challenge this. We want to encourage youth to strive for a positive future and find their own solutions to the problems
they see in the world. We want to inspire them to follow their dreams,” she says. ”Otesha is actually a Swahili word for reason to dream'. And it's the underlying philosophy of the organisation”.

Yet the Otesha Project aims to do more than just inspire youth along the tour route. The multifaceted nature of the project is also designed to empower the participants on the cycle tour. Tour members were selected to create a diverse cycling team: people with different experiences, backgrounds, and interests. As they pedal down the coast, participants further their own skills to become strong advocates for living sustainably, while developing skills such as media communication, leadership, acting and communal living.

”One exciting aspect of being on tour is the change and growth of the actual participants,” says Dan. ”Being the change they want to see...they're actually living their dream. They're doing something different to the norm. It's inspiring and makes me hopeful for a positive future.”

Since 2000, The Otesha Project (Aust.) - formerly known as Cycling for Sustainability - has pedalled over 13,000 km across Australia connecting with communities. As a volunteer non-profit organisation, it is continuously reliant on community support for the success of its projects. As they prepare for the forthcoming tour, the Otesha crew are making contact with the communities they'll be passing through and seeking in-kind food donations and accommodation. To find out more information about The Otesha Project (Australia), to make a school booking or offer your support along the way contact or visit the website


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