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Environment groups have weighed into Victoria's election campaign, calling on political parties to back a seven-point plan to tackle climate change.

by aap - Tuesday, 24 October 2006

The plan calls for the Victorian government to legislate to reduce greenhouse emissions by at least 20 per cent below 1990 levels before 2020 and by at least 60 per cent of 1990 levels before 2050.

Representatives from Environment Victoria, The Australian Conservation Foundation and Greenpeace made a joint statement to the media on Sunday to appeal for all parties to adopt the policy.

The plan also would see more affordable solar panels made available to households, a $30 million fund to invest in household efficiency measures, the phasing out of electric hot water services, an immediate moratorium on new coal-powered electricity generators and other measures.

"The groups are calling on all political parties to take a strong platform on climate change to the November election," Environment Victoria executive director Marcus Godinho said.

Victorian Premier Steve Bracks had failed to reduce greenhouse emissions, Mr Godinho said.

"The global warming pollution levels have continued to rise and that is a test as to whether his policies are working or not," he said.

Mr Godinho also said a state Liberal government would push back environmental policies 10 years.

"Environment groups have been alarmed by some of the comments the opposition have been making on the environment, sending cattle back into the Alpine National Park, building dams and (Opposition Leader) Ted Baillieu being a climate sceptic," he said.

Mr Baillieu said those comments were "nonsense" and he was concerned about climate change.

"I am concerned that climate change is having an impact and clearly we have to reduce greenhouse gas emissions," he said.

"Those emissions are contributing to global warming. They are contributing to climate change ... We have to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, I think that is obvious to everybody," he said.


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Action plan to cut greenhouse pollution 20% by 2020

October 22, 2006: Environment groups are calling for all parties to introduce legislated emissions reduction targets – supported by concrete action – of at least 20% below 1990 levels by 2020 as part of a road map to achieve at least 60% cuts by 2050.

To achieve these targets environment groups propose a range of actions including:

1. Making solar panels more affordable for households by increasing the amount of money paid for the power they contribute to the grid
2. A $30 million annual energy savings fund to invest in household efficiency measures, initially targeting low-income homes
3. Phasing out all electric hot water services to be replaced with solar or other suitable greenhouse-friendly systems
4. Introducing a carbon price signal
5. Introducing an immediate moratorium on new coal generation in Victoria and develop emission intensity standards
6. A public commitment no expansion of Alcoa smelter will be allowed if it results in a net increase of greenhouse pollution

Green groups are calling on the next Victorian Government to adopt solar-friendly policies – including phasing out electric hot water systems and making solar panels more affordable – as part of its election policy demands. South Australia recently committed to introducing a solar feed-in law which pays a premium to electricity generated by solar systems.

Victorian are missing out on millions of dollars and thousands of jobs because of our Government’s refusal to adopt solar-friendly policies that would boost employment, make householders money and help tackle climate change.


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